Patrick Jonsson


Patrick Jonsson is an  Emmy-nominated composer known for combining orchestral and electronic music, and creating bespoke sound palettes. Credits include Netflix’s Academy Award winner The White Helmets and Academy Award nominated Virunga, as well as recent BBC2 drama Black Earth Rising.



“Patrick Jonsson’s score for Orlando von Einsidel‘s documentary Evelyn is beautiful and delicate … Jonsson’s music is like the long drawn-out breaths of contemplation, you can feel the anguish and the pain of extraction of memories modulated through a conduit of meditation.”

“It takes just one listen to recognise how good (Suddenly We Looked Like Giants) really is, and then it takes another two or three plays to dig into its depths, to hear the familiar motifs, and to truly fall in love.”

Suddenly We Looked Like Giants is in turns tender, reflective, nostalgic, and dramatic ~ everything one desires in a film score, unrestricted by imposed cues.”

Suddenly We Looked Like Giants is refreshing … Jonsson’s storytelling power, coupled with his love of rich, warm strings conjures a musical experience that is very clearly defined. It is fitting that now Jonsson is making music that is not set to moving images, cinematic scenes are so readily formed in one’s mind’s eye when listening.”

“With Virunga Jonsson takes a chance, echoing the sounds of summer blockbusters to find danger and urgency in a localized issue … Jonsson sucks us into conflict with contemplative ambiance and orchestral cues that would pair well with James Cameron’s oeuvre.”


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